Destination Across Europe

So you thinking of taking you honeymoon to Europe.Well your options are only limited by your imagination.  There’s so many places to visit you just have to figure out what you are in the mood for.  Another way to decide is your budget.  Although I will say 80% of your cost will be your travel there.  There are many things that a very affordable in Europe you just have to fine the place you are looking to go.

So the 1st thing I would do and get a piece of paper and think of all the places or things to do.  If you don’t know look at the website to give you some ideas.  Don’t know to much about Europe than you need to watch a movie or two.  I would 1st start with some of my personnel favorites about Europe would be.  Gladiator with Russell Crowe.  This movie would give the you and idea of the powerful Roman Empire and what was used for entertainment.  Gladiators were a major way to control the MOB or the people.

2nd movie would be Braveheart with Mel Gibson the struggle of the Scottish people for there independence.  It is a Gruesome film but you could feel the struggle and appreciated the ground you are walking on.  Knowing someone may have spilled blood where y0ur exact foot print is.

3rd movie you could watch and actually fit into he small valley where thousand of persion met there death would be 300.  The almighty King Leionideos and his group of 300 soldiers stood against thousands.  The held them off for 3 days and fierce fighting and carnage.

I know you probably asking yourself why did you pick the battle movies full of death and destruction.    It’s very simple these places hold historic value.  From the very tile roofs to the fence put up by the fence companies in Kansas City they put around the houses to this day the history of these places will live in eternity.

but is doesn’t have to be just the battle there is plenty of love scenes and sacrifices that are made during that time.  Romeo and Juliet to name a one off the top of my heard.  Visit the theatres that made these place famous an still live on today.  I love it.

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